In-Progress Complaints

Complaint History

Before filing a complaint, we recommend that you register an account so that you may track your complaint or answer any follow-up questions the Board or Program may have.

To start your complaint, click the "File Complaint" button and search for the licensee (Respondent). If the person is not licensed, select "Switch to Manual Entry" to enter the information manually. The following screens will confirm the licensee or business information and your contact information (unless you check "File Anonymously").

When filling out your complaint, please provide as much information as possible to allow the Board/Program to identify the issues and respond appropriately. After reviewing the information you entered and clicking "Finish Process", you will be returned to this screen.

Self Report a Violation: If you are Self Reporting a violation to the program, enter your information as the licensee (Respondent) and as the reporter (Complainant).

Note: Please do not begin this process until you have all documentation about your complaint available and ready to upload onto the online form. Examples of documentation are available on the Complaint FAQ Information Page.