Licensee Rosters
Click the Board/Commission Name below to expand the License Types and Status options available for generation. Check each applicable box next to the License Type and Status that you wish to generate. Then click continue at the bottom of the page to generate the list(s) of Licensed Professionals/Entities.

HOA Rosters
This is the only information we collect on HOAs. Additionally, the Division is unable to verify the information provided by HOAs and their representatives upon registration.

Active Appraisers (No Fee Required)   All active appraisers. Ad Valorem (AV), Licensed (AL), Certified Residential (CR) and Certified General (CG) appraisers.
AMC - Appraisal Management Company - Active (No Fee Required)  
Inactive Appraisers (No Fee Required)   All inactive appraisers.
HOA - Home Owner's Association - Active (No Fee Required)  
HOA - Home Owner's Association - Expired (No Fee Required)   All currently expired HOA registrations
MLO - Mortgage Loan Originator - Active (No Fee Required)  
MLO - Mortgage Loan Originator - Inactive (No Fee Required)  
Active Associate Brokers (No Fee Required)   All active brokers acting as a broker associate (license prefixes FA, IA and EA)
Active Individual Proprietors (No Fee Required)   All active individual proprietor real estate brokers. Includes both independent and employing level (II, EI license prefixes)
Active Real Estate Companies (No Fee Required)   All active real estate companies.
Active Responsible Brokers (No Fee Required)   All active responsible brokers at independent and employing level (license prefix IR/ER)
Expired Real Estate Brokers (No Fee Required)   A list of expired real estate brokers who are in their right to reinstate period.
Inactive Real Estate Brokers (No Fee Required)   All inactive real estate broker licensees.
SD - Subdivision Developer - Active (No Fee Required)